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12 March 2010 @ 02:03 am
Thank you  
 Today was the live at Shibuya DUO(*^_^*)

To everyone who attended,
thank you so very muchビックリマークキラキラ

Did you have a good time!?ドキドキ

There sure were a lot of invigorating artists there todayキラキラ

All of them were really wonderfulキラキラ


I forgot to take a photo…(;´д`)

And also.

After the live,
I went to a dance rehearsal~!

It has ended now, and now I have a meeting(((^^;)

I wonder if I'm starting to get a little tired after all!? *laugh*

But I received power together with everyone's darling voices today,
so I can still keep it up for a whileキラキラ

Everyone, really, thank youドキドキ

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