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12 April 2010 @ 07:04 pm
"Hyakki Yagyou Kitan" The First Night: [Insomnia] ~Psycho Butterfly~ [part two]  
Kaya short story serialisation "Hyakki Yagyou Kitan"
The First Night: [Insomnia] ~Psycho Butterfly~ [part two]
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Different people use various techniques to fall asleep, but generally speaking there are two main methods.

One is to totally empty your mind and think of nothing. Little by little, your consciousness fades to white, and before long, as you melt into that pure white landscape, you will drift off.

The second way is to repeat various thoughts, and as your thoughts saturate your mind, sleep claims you. For as long as he could remember, the boy had used the latter.

Ever since he was a child, when the time came for him to go to bed he would keep thinking about this or that, incoherent thoughts like "When will I drop off?" "What will I be thinking in that moment?". And, the moment he would start thinking those thoughts, it would only become harder for him to fall asleep. As a child, afraid to wake his parents who were slumbering in the next room, he would just spend the night staring into the darkness.

Without ever being able to sleep well, the boy grew into adulthood. When he graduated high school, he didn't enter university, but started working at a place near his home. He immediately chose a job where he could work late at night. The pay was good, but more than anything, working the night shift made the boy feel that he, who had never slept through a night, had finally found a place of his own.

Since the great majority of his friends had no problem falling asleep, the boy had started to feel inferior when he saw them actively going about their lives under the cheerful sun. He was different to most of them, and his knowledge that he was different made him so very lonely.

Words: Kaya / Illustrations: Nakano Yamato

Next time: "[Insomnia]~Psycho Butterfly~ [part three]" scheduled for release on 4/19 (Mon)

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Kaya short story serialization "Hyakki Yagyou Kitan"
The First Night: [Insomnia] ~Psycho Butterfly~
A young man troubled with insomnia, lying in his room. He hates himself. He pictures a phantom butterfly in his mind. As he chases the butterfly, the line between dream and reality starts to blur. A hideously beautiful living enigma appears before his eyes. Was what he glimpsed in his dream a vision, reality, or the darkness of his heart? Comparing the darkness of his heart to a butterfly, the imaginary landscape of the sleepless boy starts to take shape