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05 April 2010 @ 12:44 am
"Hyakki Yagyou Kitan" The First Night: [Insomnia] ~Psycho Butterfly~ [part one]  

Kaya short story serialisation "Hyakki Yagyou Kitan"
The First Night: [Insomnia] ~Psycho Butterfly~ [part one]

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One AM.

Lying in the carelessly-placed bed in the middle of the 8-tatami, Western-style room, the boy gazed at the dim light. Wrapping his body in the finely-textured sheets, he turned his eyes toward the window and curled a strand of his vaunted, long, black hair around a finger. The hazy moonlight spilling through the cracks between the blinds was so fragile. His gaunt cheeks were cast into acute angles by that frail moonlight. How unromantic the clouds are, obscuring the long-awaited full moon on my day off, he thought. Holding on to the thought of being bathed in moonlight, which he had so been looking forward to, he had turned in early, but sleep showed absolutely no sign of coming to him any time soon.

That night, he lay awake. Although in his case, it would probably better to call it "permanent insomnia" rather than simple "sleeplessness". The clock ticked away, loud in the darkness. Even while mourning his loss of sleep, he welcomed nights like these, and almost appeared to be enjoying them.

When he closed his eyes, they rolled with the afterimage flickering behind his lids. It looked almost like a butterfly, smearing splashes of indiscriminate color as it swam through the darkness. Even stretching out his arms and trying to catch that phantom butterfly, his hands would futilely grasp nothing but empty air, and he'd been at it for two hours already.


A little disgusted with himself, he wondered:
"What am I doing? ——— What am I waiting for?"

Words: Kaya / Illustrations: Nakano Yamato

Next time: "[Insomnia]~Psycho Butterfly~ [part two]" scheduled for release on 4/12 (Mon)

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Kaya short story serialization "Hyakki Yagyou Kitan"
The First Night: [Insomnia] ~Psycho Butterfly~
A young man troubled with insomnia, lying in his room. He hates himself. He pictures a phantom butterfly in his mind. As he chases the butterfly, the line between dream and reality starts to blur. A hideously beautiful living enigma appears before his eyes. Was what he glimpsed in his dream a vision, reality, or the darkness of his heart? Comparing the darkness of his heart to a butterfly, the imaginary landscape of the sleepless boy starts to take shape.


*Notes: The title means "mysterious tale of the Hyakki Yagyou". (The Hyakki Yagyou are evil spirits who parade through towns on summer evenings causing mischief, and that is also the title of Kaya's first mini-album.)

( Original Serial )