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10 March 2010 @ 01:20 pm
New flyers  
Right now I'm waiting for rehearsal to startKaya Official blogー廃頽的耽美論ー-NoName_0080.gif
I have a small notice.
The Goods table will not be open after the end of the last performance
at today's event.
Therefore, please try to do any shopping you may want to
before the last band's set ends today王冠2
By the way, the new Kaya flyers are going to be distributed starting todayキラキラ
Everyone, please try to obtain oneドキドキ
I stuck them close to the entrance of Takadanobaba AREAキラキラ
If you go up the stairs at AREA, look to your left at the top entranceKaya Official blogー廃頽的耽美論ー-get.gif

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